The world's first microdata recorders were approved

Beijing Jerryjia technology it is the responsibility of the whole the company is located in the silicon valley of Proteus Digital Health, Inc., a company produces the miniature data recorder registration service project in China, the project for the bill and Melinda gates foundation project.The product is a wearable data recorder that quantifies data about heart rate, medication activity and body location to monitor the patient's medication process.The microdata recorder is composed of "ingestion sensor", "body table recorder" and "software".

Can intake sensor is an easy to swallow medicine flake tiny electronic sensors, can be produced in the stomach REDOX and produce slight potential difference, and a faint signal, surface recorder records receives the signal and sent to the computer equipment in wireless transmission way.Can be ingested sensor with gastrointestinal peristalsis in motion in the digestive tract, and through the X-ray machine in vitro determine its position, 5-10 minutes will soften with the eduction of excrement and urine, then surface records recorder records the heart rate, time mark and physical point of view, the data processing by connecting an external computer processing software to analyze data, processing and printing, for the use of auxiliary medicine clinical monitoring.

Can be ingested sensor has a sensor and can absorb cellulose outside dish, and wrapped in absorbable inactive drug use or food tablets, the whole monitoring process no pain, no trauma, no clear bowel and fast, can normal physiological condition in human gastrointestinal tract, real-time human drug taking time, to monitor patients taking time and physical assessment provides quantitative data.

After the registration and filing, the product's on-site inspection and the submission of the information, CFDA approved the product registration certificate on March 28, 2016, and it is expected that the product will serve the majority of patients in the near future.