Clinical study
Clinical study in China
The clinical testing service center of Beijing JRJ Co.,Ltd was founded with the lead of doctors and masters graduated from the General Hospital of People's Liberation Army ( 301 Hospital ) and General Hospital of Air Force, who have owned about 20 years of professional experiences in rules of medical devices as well as pharmaceutical and device clinical testing. With the help of the powerful team of professors and experts in General Hospital of People's Liberation Army ( 301) Hospital , General Hospital of Air Force, General Hospital of Navy, PLA 302 Hospital, PLA 304 Hospital, PLA 309 Hospital, General Hospital of Second Artillery Corps, the General Aerospace Hospital and hospitals in Shanghai, Chongqing and Xian etc., JRJ will provide qualified clinical testing service to all clients. The clinical service center is devoted to the clinical testing and verifying of medical devices. The services provided include selecting hospitals for clinical testing, preparation and discussion of clinical ethical meetings, design of clinical testing schedule, whole process instruction of clinical testing, statistics of clinical testing and report of clinical testing. Thank you for your inquiry about the clinical testing service provided by Beijing JRJ Co., Ltd. We are expecting to be your collaboration partner with our experiences and expertise in medical device CRO agency service and provide competitive, professional and fast registration service for your company and help you accomplishing all the procedures before marketing. Welcome to contact us at any time.